The Bodyflik

The Bodyflik is a simple, low-cost, hand-held squeegee that is used to sweep the water from your body before you use a towel.

  Bodyflik - 25cm x 8cm  
After a shower, bath, swim or sauna using the Bodyflik will easily remove up to 75% of the water from your body. This water then goes down the drain, not on your towel, so your towel will stay clean, warm and dry much longer. Because of the naturally curved gel blades of the Bodyflik it works on bodies of all shapes and sizes. The Bodyflik is approximately 25cm long x 8cm wide.
The Bodyflik can eliminate the piles of damp and soggy towels hanging on your radiators, thereby cutting down on the condensation and mould produced in your bathroom. The Bodyflik is very hygienic, as, unlike a micro-towel, it has no fibres that retain moisture and let germs breed.
As your towels stay cleaner for longer, you need to do less washing and tumble drying, saving huge amounts of water, electricity and detergents, a big step towards saving the environment. The Bodyflik is manufactured in the UK from recyclable plastics.
The more compact Bodyflik Sport is the perfect size for a gym bag at 15cm long x 7cm wide. Use the Bodyflik Sport after a shower or swim and you won't have a gym bag full of soggy, smelly towels when you get home.
Bodyflik Sport - 15cm x 7cm
Swimmers don't appreciate being cold and wet for long after getting out of the pool or sea, but the Bodyflik gets you warm and dry much faster. Take a Bodyflik to the beach and you can keep your towel warm and dry. After each swim you can apply your suntan cream without having to repeatedly use your one-and-only towel to get dry first.
Hotels around the world are becoming more environmentally friendly by asking guests to conserve their towels to cut down on the huge amount of laundry that they process each day. The Bodyflik helps this valuable initiative by cutting down on the number of towels you need to use.
Campers and backpackers usually carry just the one small towel with them on their travels. Touring, caravanning and boating usually means reduced living space, and less opportunity to hang things up to dry. The Bodyflik is guaranteed to keep your travel towels clean and dry much longer.